Adela Raz Joins First Lady Ghani in Liverpool to Discuss Challenges Faced by Afghan Businesswomen

Arancha González, Executive Director of International Trade Center, left, with Her Excellency First Lady Rula Ghani of Afghanistan at the 2018 #SheTrades Global International Business Festival in Liverpool, UK

LIVERPOOL, UNITED KINGDOM - July 7, 2018 - Afghanistan's Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Cooperation, Adela Raz (Simmons 2008 | Tufts Fletcher School 2010), joined First Lady Rula Ghani and a group of Afghan women entrepreneurs at the #SheTrades Global, 2018 International Business Festival in Liverpool, United Kingdom, where First Lady Ghani discussed the support her office provides to empower Afghan women entrepreneurs through the establishment of the Afghan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

Adela participated in a panel discussion entitled, “Women and Trade: Future Trends” and spoke about ongoing efforts of the Afghan government to enhance regional economic cooperation and women’s economic empowerment, citing her ministry’s conclusion of trade and transit agreements with regional countries and the establishment of air corridors with a number of countries in the region over the past three years. She encouraged participants to invest in Afghanistan, do business with Afghan women and share their experiences with them.

Stressing the importance of encouragement and tolerance, First Lady Rula Ghani said, “You have to grow within the environment you are living in. Each environment has opportunities and constraints. Technology can offer opportunities in societies where women cannot interact freely.”

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