Northwestern University NEXT Program Extern Suhaib Khan Helps Shape, Deliver Leadership Academy 2018

Suhaib Khan (right) with members of The Initiative To Educate Afghan Women Classes of 2018 - 2021, Capitol Hill

Suhaib Khan (Northwestern 2019) joined The Initiative at Leadership Academy 2018 as part of Northwestern University Alumni Association's NEXT Externship Program, a one- or more-day shadowing experience offering current students the opportunity to accompany alumni hosts like Executive Director Christian Wistehuff (Northwestern 1987) on the job in order to learn more about different professional fields. NEXT externs spend time observing and often working alongside their alumni hosts in order to gain insight into the practical aspects of potential careers.

Suhaib, who hails from Chicago, Illinois is a junior majoring in Economics and Political Science at Northwestern University’s Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences where he is part of the prestigious Kaplan Humanities Scholar Program. Suhaib is extremely passionate about education and international development, having just completed a social policy internship at the United Nations International Children’s Fund in Amman, Jordan where he worked to mitigate the Syrian Refugee Crisis there by empowering the next generation of leaders with education for that and other vulnerable communities across Jordan.

“Suhaib was very generous with his time and talent for the entire five days of Leadership Academy 2018,” said Christian Wistehuff. “He was an important contributor to every aspect: as a member of the Planning Committee in March and April as well as a panelist and workshop presenter in Washington, DC in May." Suhaib, who was first place winner in the Islamic Society of North America’s National Quran Competition, recited beautifully the prayer before our Annual Dinner (this year Iftar Dinner) and Awards event at the Embassy of Afghanistan event.

Suhaib, who serves as Director of Client Services at Lending for Evanston and Northwestern Development, a student-run micro-finance nonprofit organization providing consulting services to minority and women clients in Evanston, drew on that expertise to deliver a fascinating presentation on Afghan women's entrepreneurship and a workshop on financial forecasting and assumption modeling for entrepreneurial startup ventures.

Thank you, Suhaib, for all your help making Leadership Academy 2018 a rewarding experience for everyone involved!


“[Suhaib] was an important contributor to every aspect [of Leadership Academy 2018]: as a member of the Planning Committee in March and April as well as a panelist and workshop presenter in Washington, DC in May."

- Christian Wistehuff, Executive Director

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