Wadia Samadi Reports on Female Entrepreneurs Changing the Narrative About Afghanistan

Wadia Samadi (University of Richmond 2011), founder of Wadsam Afghan Business News, reported last month on the graduation of 22 female entrepreneurs from Afghanistan’s first private business incubator, Startup Valley. The article, Female Entrepreneurs Changing the Narrative About Afghan Women, appeared in the Afghan Business section of the May 15, 2018 edition of her online business news journal.

According to Samadi, the five-month course, administered by AGHAEZ Professional Services and supported by USAID: Promote Women in the Economy (WIE), trained, mentored, and provided networking and learning opportunities for the young entrepreneurs, interacting with other Startup Valley beneficiaries who have already navigated the startup and launch processes.

Quoting USAID Gender Office Director Susan DeCamp, “Young entrepreneurs are the future of the country and are at the forefront of economic development and sustainability in Afghanistan. We congratulate the hard work and entrepreneurial vision of these young women.” The new business concepts range from a computer education center for the hearing impaired, organic jam production, to quail farming. Startup Valley and WIE will continue to provide six months of follow-up advisory and technical support.

Wadsam Afghan Business News

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