Naheed Vadsaria to Join Leadership Academy 2018 Panel Discussion on Professional and Service Leaders

Naheed Vadsaria will join Leadership Academy 2018 for our Wednesday, May 16, 2018 panel discussion on professional and service leadership opportunities in Afghanistan!

Naheed Vadsaria is a fellow alum with Executive Director Christian Wistehuff of Northeastern University (she a 2002 graduate of the D’Amore-McKim School of Business and he a 1991 graduate of the School of Law) and a current MBA candidate at Johns Hopkins University.

Naheed served as a civilian social scientist embedded with French and American coalition forces during the war in Afghanistan from 2010 to 2011. There she connected “hearts and minds” of Afghan women villagers to help US military leaders better understand local cultures and thus create allies among the Afghan people.

Naheed rode with coalition forces in tanks, helicopters, and armored troop carriers as part of the military’s Human Terrain Systems program. As a Muslim woman educated in the West, she was ideally positioned to learn the intricacies of Afghan culture and use that knowledge to educate coalition military leaders.

When Naheed returned to the US, she published an e-book, Tajik Hope, in which she discusses her experiences among Afghanistan’s second-largest ethnic group, Tajiks. The book offers a series of case studies that provide insights into the role of Tajik women, which is far more important than most Westerners realize because they have such a strong influence over the values and character of their children.

After graduation from Johns Hopkins, Naheed hopes to start her own social enterprise to help educate women in IT and other STEM professions.

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