Wadia Samadi Reports on Afghan Government's Workplace Policy on Women

Photo Credit - Wadsam Afghan Business News

Wadia Samadi (University of Richmond 2011), founder of Wadsam Afghan Business News, reported on a recent conference attended by over 150 officials from 36 ministries and agencies of the Afghan government regarding policy reforms to remove workplace barriers to women in government. The article, Afghan Government Reviews Policies Aimed at Removing Barriers to Women in Workplace, appeared in the Afghan Business section of the December 31, 2017 edition of her online business news journal.

Reported are ten priorities for reform in the areas of policy, infrastructure and culture identified by a special study on workplace obstacles conducted by USAID | Afghanistan PROMOTE and the Afghan Ministry of Women’s Affairs. The article also cited specific improvements, e.g., nursery, prayer room and dining facilities at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry as examples of reforms targeted by the study.

USAID | Afghanistan PROMOTE

The USAID | Afghanistan PROMOTE Women in Government project is a part of a larger effort to assist the Afghan government in reaching its goal of at least 30 percent women in all government institutions. PROMOTE also works with the Afghan government to train women for careers in the civil service. More than 2,500 female college and high school graduates have participated in the training in Kabul, Herat, Balkh, Kandahar, and Nangarhar.

Wadsam Afghan Business News

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