Hajar Hussaini Receives Scholarship to Attend West Point Conference

Hajar Hussaini (Russell Sage 2019) received a scholarship from Albany’s International Center of the Capital Region to attend the sixty-ninth annual Student Conference on US Affairs at the US Military Academy at West Point after her nomination by Jean Dahlgren, Dean of The Sage Colleges. Her attendance at the conference was featured recently in the Sage Spotlights section of The Sage Colleges online alumni magazine.

The four-day conference entitled, The Politics of the Forgotten and Aggrieved: Remaking the World Order, provided a platform for American and international students from across the United States to join West Point cadets in learning and discourse on issues relating to foreign policy development. Select recommendations coming out of the conference are published in West Point’s Undergraduate Journal of Social Sciences.

Hajar, an honors student in the Writing and Contemporary Thought program at Russell Sage College, editor of the Russell Sage Review literary magazine and poet laureate of The Initiative, looks forward to pursuing a PhD in Middle Eastern Studies after graduation next year.

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