Intersession Becomes Leadership Academy

Students with Executive Director Christian Wistehuff, left, Leadership Academy lecturers, Ellen Kagen and Latifa Woodhouse, center, and Montclair State host mother Geri Abdoo, right

Leadership Academy, formerly known as Intersession, has become a capstone of The Initiative experience. Each year, our students gather in Washington, DC for a jam-packed week of leadership development, career planning, policy dialogue, and networking.

Students complete a leadership seminar at Georgetown University’s Center for Child and Human Development (CCHD). The series includes sessions on leadership principles and empowerment taught by Ellen Kagen of Georgetown’s CCHD; media skills and crisis communications taught by Board Member Marti Boone; as well as academic and professional road-mapping and resume and cover letter writing workshops led by Daphne Wales of the University of Rhode Island. Each student completes a student portfolio to showcase her academic and extra-curricular work for the purpose of resume building, interviewing and career planning.

This year and last, students had the opportunity to network with members of the US-Afghan Women’s Council and staff at the US Department of State Office of Global Women’s Issues. They also attended roundtables at the United States Institute of Peace addressing anti-Muslim speech and activity in the US, and gala Annual Afghan Diner and Awards events at the Embassy of Afghanistan.

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