Anita Haidary and Helay Rahimi Appear on Present Tense, Future Perfect Show

Anita Haidary (Mount Holyoke 2014) and Helay Rahimi (University of Montana 2010)

Anita Haidary (Mount Holyoke 2014) and Helay Rahimi (University of Montana 2010) discussed global leadership development with Marion Estienne, PhD, host of Bold Brave Media’s Present Tense, Future Perfect and founder of 3sixtyglobal. Present Tense, Future Perfect is a radio show about how organizations, societies, and individuals are being impacted by changes in our world and whether those engaged in developing global leaders are doing it right. Anita is a Fulbright Scholar studying Public Policy at Portland State University (see previous story) and Helay works as a Big Four global technology consultant to Fortune 100 clients in Silicon Valley providing them with data-driven insights into business decisions. She also serves on the Women in Technology International (WITI) Sacramento Leadership Council as Social Media Director. Anita and Helay spoke candidly about what inspired them to apply to The Initiative’s program, how they see themselves as catalysts for change in Afghanistan and some of challenges they faced as women who studied outside Afghanistan when they returned. Both spoke about the tremendous amount of support and encouragement they received from The Initiative which gave them confidence to succeed on their leadership journeys.

“Whether they lead from the front or in the middle or quietly from behind, each in their own way has the difficult task of moving their society from aggression to collaboration.”

– Dr. Marion Estienne, Present Tense, Future Perfect

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