The Initiative Welcomes New Students!

We welcome three outstanding young women of promise to our community!

Nabila Haidari (Meredith College 2020) with Marzia Nawrozi (Meredith College 2013)

Nabila Haidari (Meredith College 2020) was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and attended the Zarghoona secondary school, where she graduated as one of the top students in her class earning numerous awards for her scholastic achievements in communications (essay writing and debate) as well as a certificates in Leadership. Nabila is an Accounting and Human Resource Management major.

Balqees Sayed (Russell Sage 2020) with Fereshta Noori (Smith College 2017)

Balqees Sayed (Russell Sage College 2020) was born in Jalalabad and graduated from Alaie Girls High School. Balqees considers herself to be a privileged woman in Afghan society because of the education she has received there thus far and therefore feels a strong obligation to empower women with education by providing both vocational training and psychological counseling to women, especially women living in the provinces. Balqees is a Psychology and Business Administration major.

Sapida Barmaki (Montclair State 2019), Latifa Woodhouse, Board of Directors, and Shahrzad Koofi Ahmadi (Montclair State 2021) prepare school supplies for the Social Justice Committee at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock

Shahrzad Koofi Ahmadi (Montclair State 2021) was born in Badakhshan and graduated at the top of her class at the Afghan Turk International High School in Kabul. Shahrzad has won medals in math and biology at the International Science Olympiad in India and a silver medal in singing at the International Turkish Olympiad. Shahrazad is co-founder with Isha Bharadwaj of Building Bridges: India-Afghanistan Relations through Women Empowerment. She is an Economics and Psychology double major.

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