Malalay Waziri Greets Afghan Girls Robotics Team in Washington, DC

Malalay Waziri (Mount Holyoke 2009) with members of the Afghan Robotics Team

Malalay Waziri (Mount Holyoke 2009), Media Director of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Washington, DC, joined in the chorus of cheers that welcomed Team Afghanistan of Afghanistan Robotics House as they entered DAR Constitution Hall for day one of FIRST Global's three-day robotics competition yesterday.

We are in awe of, but not the least bit surprised, by the academic accomplishments of these your Afghan scientists and engineers. We applaud their gifts and the great things they promise to bring to Afghanistan, indeed the whole world!

We congratulations Afghan Robotics team on their Silver Medal at the "Olympics of Robotics" and thank everyone at FIRST Global and Digital Citizen Fund for making their dream a reality.

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