Christian Wistehuff Profiled in Northwestern University Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences Alumni

Executive Director Christian Wistehuff was profiled in the Paths: Your Arts and Sciences Degree section of Weinberg Magazine, Northwestern University's Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences alumni magazine.

The article by Sherry Thomas describes the genesis of Christian's interest in women's and girls' education in Afghanistan and his academic and professional path from music and law school to The Initiative.

Christian credits his time at Northwestern for the worldview and skills required to lead a “community of like-minded souls” focused on building a network of strong Afghan women, many of whom are now taking their education back to Afghanistan.

Christian cites several alumna accomplishments as examples of The Initiative's mission in action: President Ashraf Ghani's Chief of Staff; co-founder of Afghanistan's first women's college; and an astrophysicist training the next generation of scientists.

"[The Initiative] is starting to realize its full impact. [Afghan w]omen are making more than contributions to Afghan society. They are making contributions to the whole world.”

- Christian Wistehuff, Executive Director

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