Wazhma Furmuli Speaks with Refinery29

Wazhma Furmuli (Randolph 2011) photographed by Chandler West for Refinery 29

Wazhma Furmuli, (Randolph 2011) of The Initiative’s Advisory Board, spoke recently with the online magazine Refinery29 about her journey and her passion to make sure the next generation of Afghan girls have the same educational opportunities she had. Through her work on The Initiative’s Advisory Board, Wazhma continues to reinvest her education and talent in The Initiative. “We are all busy,” she admits, “but when you have a cause that is so dear to you and you actually support it, and do something every week or every month, it feels really good.” She encourages millennials to get involved in issues that are important to them: “spend a couple of hours a week and do something about it. Make a contribution, and that makes you happy.”

“Every time you educate one girl, or educate one boy, you’re actually saving their life and changing their life for the better. When I got the scholarship [through The Initiative], the gift that I received, it saved my life. It changed my life.”

- Wazhma Furmuli (Randolph College 2011)

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