Robin Ryczek Leads The Initiative Team in Kabul

Robin Ryczek, center, with Ihrar Mohammadi (Russell Sage 2016) and Laila Kazemi (Meredith 2019

After serving The Initiative as a volunteer, Robin Ryzcek accepted a position in Kabul made possible through a generous restricted gift by Initiative’s Board of Directors member, Drue Gensler. Robin represents The Initiative on all matters in Afghanistan and supports admissions recruiting, summer internship and long term placement coordination as well as local alumnae activities.

In 2011, Robin was a founding member of Afghanistan Music Project, a platform focused on promoting musical events in Afghanistan and supporting Afghan youth and communities in areas of music, culture, and the arts. Over the next three years, she provided training to students and worked closely with numerous Afghan musicians, artists, writers, and filmmakers during a time often referred to as an Afghan cultural renaissance.

During her time at The Initiative, Robin continues her work on the faculty at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music and as Director of the Afghanistan Music and Culture Collection, curating a digitized collection of music and cultural items of Afghanistan in collaboration with the Afghanistan Center at Kabul University led by its founder Nancy Hatch Dupree. Robin is well known to and very much loved by alumnae and students of The Initiative alike. It is an honor to work with her on our mission here at The Initiative!

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