Hajar Hussaini Commissioned to Compose Poem

Hajar Hussaini (Russell Sage 2019)

Hajar Hussaini (Russell Sage 2019), poet laureate of The Initiative To Educate Afghan Women, was commissioned to compose a poem for the occasion of The Initiative's first Annual Awards Dinner co-hosted by His Excellency Ambassador Hamdullah and Mrs. Lael Mohib at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Washington, DC.


This Initiative preserved my tomorrow.

And I am learning to write a manuscript

Of a permissible love for rebuilding a nation.

I am playing the role of a lost key

of a lone safe house in the hood.

I put myself together to

give back this peace within me.

You’ve planted the sweetest commitment in me.

And I’ve learned how to travel so far

beyond resemblance, beyond meters, beyond borders.

This is a pure art.

And you should trust me

because I am confident enough to be the artist

with all these empathies you pour into me,

They hang here… (in my brain…)

Like a soft warm cloth lies on the table.

I just need to sharpen my wings

And swim in the opposite direction

I can open the door of new dreams.

No matter what,

Art is art. It will change at least one life.

I want to witness my country grow

like a child beginning to walk.

I will hold its hand before it collapses out of shame,

It will rise up, and the world will wonder

Words will creep into my mouth,

and everyone will recite my poem

in a non-dictatorship regime.

I will change the news,

Not the news channel.

Because when someone dies,

my heart becomes the hardcover

for a dark bitter history book.

Its beats stop, but it has to stay alive.

It is the fifth month, I believe

This hope is all. All I have, all one can fight for.

It won’t extinguish. Can’t you guess it through my words?

I am a cease-fire

If I am not, who else can take such initiative?

I will never forget my history teacher

Never said what happens next…

So I will create a next.

I have stubborn dreams in my pair of feet, in my hands

I will modify realism, one day.

Love will change the history, I’ve heard.

I will steal a piece of your love with me,

Oh this love in you is now forming me.

© Hajar Hussaini 2016

Hajar Hussaini is an honors student in the Writing and Contemporary Thought program at Russell Sage College, editor of the Russell Sage Review literary magazine and poet laureate of The Initiative To Educate Afghan Women. She looks forward to pursuing a PhD in Middle Eastern Studies after graduation.

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