Executive Director Receives WomenTogether's Humanitarian Award at United Nations

Executive Director Christian Wistehuff at United Nations, New York

Our Executive Director, Christian Wistehuff, was selected by WomenTogether to receive its humanitarian award for his advocacy leadership at The Initiative as its mission and program mirrors much of both the United Nations 2015 Millennium Development Goals and WomenTogether beliefs: that empowering women is a means of creating strong, humane and stable societies.

Founded in 1996, WomenTogether is an international non-profit organization registered with Special Consultative status at the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the Department of Public Information-Non-Governmental Organization (DPI) of the United Nations. Women Together works on projects to promote social development, measures to eradicate poverty, and cultural activities.

Each year the WomenTogether Awards recognizes the valuable contribution of women, men and institutions dedicated to the creation of a more equal society. Past recipients share in common the active promotion of ethical, moral, economic, scientific and cultural values that open new horizons for the future of humanity. WomenTogether Awards have been given to H. M. Queen Rania of Jordan, Jean Goodall, Silvia Earl, Shakira, Antonio Banderas, Katie Ford and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

“We are proud of [Christian’s] award recognition, the awareness this brings to The Initiative, and applaud WomenTogether Awards for its ongoing contributions to global gender equality and prosperity.”

– Rosalind Rustigian, Board of Directors

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