In an ever-changing world, core values remain constant.  They guide our work, govern the way we interact with each other and inspire the strategies we employ to fulfill our mission.  


These are the core values of The Initiative To Educate Afghan Women and what they mean to us.


Scholarship is at the center of our core values. As individuals and as an organization, we understand scholarship to mean more than personal achievement through learning. We understand scholarship to be a path to enlightenment, which will bring lasting peace and prosperity to the women and men of Afghanistan.


Leadership is the means by which we bring change in our world. We understand that leadership is not achieved by force or any other single means. Leadership for us is both the learned science and practiced art of showing people a better way through our own example.


Integrity is the value that governs everything we say and do. We are honest because we know and love ourselves without measure against any other person. Integrity is not important to us as a means to an end, but an end in itself and for ourselves.


Service is the value that connects us to our purpose. We know that helping people is not our duty but our privilege and that the greatest service to ourselves can be accomplished through the smallest kindness to others.


Courage is the value that defines our approach to many things. Courage has given us the desire and strength to change our world through scholarship and service.


Diversity is the value that describes the languages, religions, cultures and landscapes of our country, each of which we understand and celebrate to be one of our many strengths, never our weakness.


Closely related to diversity is Unity, a value that weaves a beautiful tapestry of our differences together in a fabric of scholarship, leadership, service, courage and integrity strong enough to achieve any goal we desire.